From the Island to the Big Wide World

The wind, the sea, the horizon – on Sylt, you get a real sense of true freedom. Here, on the northernmost island of Germany, Peggi Herrdum was born.

A beach child, always on a journey of discovery. Peggi laid in the dunes for entire afternoons and took many walks along the shores here, looking out over the North Sea. The sound of the surf breaking along the coastline was the soundtrack of her youth. The sand under her feet was her bond with nature. The sea breeze in her hair was the call of freedom that she was to follow throughout her life.

Peggi set off for new shores, leaving Sylt with a thousand ideas in her head. She worked in Singapore, lived in Bora-Bora, and felt the embrace of the sun in the Bahamas. Mexico City and New York, Dubai and Shanghai – the journey of her life took her to almost everywhere in the world, where she ultimately found the inspiration for her calling as founder and Creative Director of Peggell. By the way, the name is a combination of Peggi and Elli, her 12-year-old daughter, who in turn enriches product development with refreshing impulses.

“Everything is easier when you live surrounded by sunlight,” says Peggi. This sense of ease is a leitmotif running through all of her must-have pieces. Sky, sand, and sea set the tone. Vitality, vigor, and natural character are at the center of her work, evoking a sense of authentic lifestyle. For women, men, and children who strive for more in life – like Peggi.